Sis. Mattie Janet Wilson founded the Annual Christian Women's Retreat in 1980.  We remember her as a woman who never tired of teaching.  As a missionary for our Lord, she was always ready to teach children, men and women about the saving love of God.  She was a mother, grandmother, great grandmother and mother-in law.  She was also a spiritual mother, grandmother, great-grandmother to many different races, and cultures.  Over 30 years ago Sister Wilson entered the College of the Scriptures in Louisville, Kentucky.  Her desire was to complete her education and become a missionary.  She also continued her education at Spaulding College where she took the Laubach Literary Course, which equipped her to teach reading to people who were illiterate.  She was excited about teaching people to read the Bible.  In the early 1980's, Sister Janet joined her son Bill and daughter-in-law, Monica in the Grand Cayman Islands where she trained teachers for the Christian Education Program of the church.  Everywhere she has gone, she removed people's excuses for not knowing God or his will for their lives.  She was a strong example of one who holds teaching the Word of God in the highest regard.
Sis. Magnolia Clark was one of the organizers of the Annual Christian Women's Retreat.  One of her greatest joys has been the privilege of teaching young people.  She possesses the God-given gift of teaching.  After completing her theological training at the College of the Scriptures in Louisville, Kentucky, she entered the University of Louisville School of Nursing to become a nurse.  She had a concern for people's physical well-being as well as their spiritual.  She spent many years working with emotionally disturbed children at Louisville's Central State Hospital.  Sis. Clark went on to become the College's first Dean of Women, the Academic Dean and the Registrar.  She has been honored on many occasions because of her example of a servant, serving her congregation, her community and many who needed her guidance and support.  
Some of our other first organizers were:

Susie B. Doswell
Thelma Johnson (deceased)
Louella Mitchell
Joanne Hendrickson (deceased)
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Annual Christian Women's Retreat
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