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The ACWR is proud of its rich history and humble beginnings.  Although we have come a long way, we have stayed true to the mission of our founders and their vision of the future.

The first meeting took place in Louisville, Kentucky in 1980.  Before this retreat was organized, there was not such a meeting for the African-American Christian Women in the fellowship of Churches of Christ/Christian Churches.  It was founded by the late Janet Wilson.  As she went out speaking and promoting the College of the Scriptures where she was a student, she saw a need for African-American Christian women to come together for fellowship, spiritual strengthening and empowerment and to have a forum for training and education.  Four years after the retreat was founded, an organizational structure was put into place to operate the retreat organization in an orderly fashion.  Bylaws were established, officers elected and positions were added as the retreat experienced growth.

 In order for the retreat to benefit women in many geographic locations, the retreat travels to a different city each year.  There is a huge concentration of women involved in the Midwest regions of the country, particularly in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio and Kansas, however, women come from all over the United States including Georgia, Alabama, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado, California and as far away as the Grand Cayman Islands.  Although this organization was founded out of a need for African American women, we have a very diverse gathering with women from many ethnic backgrounds. Praise the LORD!

 Our commitment as we have entered into the millennium focuses more than ever on ministering to the whole woman by providing learning and guidance in every area of our human existence; particularly - how to be the great woman of God we were created to be; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially.

 AWCR Timeline
1980 - First Retreat held at North 35th St. Church of Christ, Louisville, KY
1983 - Became organized at the 4th Retreat
1984 - Co-presidents take office, bylaws written, advisory council formed
1988 - ACWR Youth Council introduced
1990 - ACWR sponsored a missionary trip to the Grand Cayman Islands
1991 - ACWR Newsletter introduced
1996 - 1st ACWR Ad Book
1996 - 1st ACWR Volunteer Mass Choir
1996 - Audio tapes made available for purchase
1997 - Debutante program was implemented
2004 - 25 Year Celebration
2005 - Website launched
2006 - Became a 501(c)3 organization
2007 - Organization restructured 
2009 - 30 Year Anniversary Celebration
2010 - Regional Debutante Program instituted

Annual Christian Women's Retreat
A Ministry To Women, For Women, By Women