Digital Ads
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We are excited this year to offer our Digital Ad Campaign.  Ads will be projected on the screens throughout the weekend and wil also be featured on the ACWR website for 60 days after the retreat is over. The ACWR is funded solely by registrations, donations and fund-raising.  We are requesting that you support the ACWR and its effort to impact the lives of women young and old by purchasing an ad.  The ACWR Ad Campaign is an ongoing project which benefits not only the ACWR but the advertisers as well. 

Ads range in price from $15.00 for a patron to $125.00 for a full page ad.  Ads may be purchased by check or money order or online. 

Ads can be mailed or sent electronically  If you are mailing your ad, please complete this form and mail your payment to:

Annual Christian Women’s Retreat
c/o Charlene Jones, Director of Finance
3515 S. Hanna Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
Please make check payable to: Annual Christian Women's Retreat (ACWR)

If you are sending your ad electronically,  follow the instructions on the payment page.

With your contribution, the ACWR can continue its endeavor to be a ministry to women, by women, for women.  Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for this year's retreat.  Thank you for your continued support of the ACWR and may God bless each of you as we work together for His kingdom and glory. 

Your AD COPY AND YOUR CHECK are due by: April 20, 2016
If you purchase your ad online, you must submit your ad in electronic format (PDF) to preserve the fonts and formatting of your ad.  

Note: Ads will be worded if advertisers do not have a designated layout.